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After booking the hotel, the customer can perform self-registration online, enter the names of the arrivals.

A few clicks to pay for the room in advance and receive 5 character code with which the self-service terminal can but of course it is not necessary to pick up the room key.

This is, in our opinion, the easiest way for the customer to do everything in no hurry and gradually, and on arrival by yourself decide if he wants to communicate with the people at the reception or just pick up the key yourself and settle in the room.

The customer can also register for self-service terminals. Here he will choose a language that is comfortable for him, he will identify with with a document, smart ID or mobile signature after finding your the reservation will be able to enter the names of the arrivals, pay the balance for the room, bai get / make the room key.

We'll also offer an account review soon on your phone. On the day of departure, the customer SMS and e-mail. will receive mail a link to view your hotel bills balance sheet (how much and what services were provided and how much money had paid), if everything turns out right, then your your phone will be able to pay extra in a few clicks services provided and leaving the keys in the room to leave. This means that you (the customer) do not have to wait until you leave at the reception, instead the customer can just last longer enjoy the services of the hotel.