Facilities and Policies of your hotel

What languages are spoken in your hotel? What about Children and extra beds? It’s always good to now facilities and policies of hotel. Now you can inform your clients about them easily!


Use gift voucher to book online!

New BookingRobot feature! From now on your clients can use their gift vouchers, purchased in BookingRobot booking system, to book and pay for hotel services online. This new integration will surely reduce the flow of client phone calls and e-mails. In addition, it will cut your administrative costs, increase sales and improve customer service! How it works?


BookingRobot integrated with Google Analytics

Do you want to gain new insights and optimize the performance of your business? We can help you! This month BookingRobot was integrated with Google Analytics Ecommerce. Now you can find out what users buy through your hotel booking system, including information about products, campaigns, transactions, time to purchase. All this information can be used

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Booking Robot presented in Praha

February 19 – 22 Booking Robot representatives attended international trade fair HOLIDAY WORLD. This event is the most important presentation of travel agencies, domestic regions, national tourism offices and other services for the travel industry in the Middle Europe.